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Latest Past Events

Session 12: Demo Day

Milton Keynes 200 Silbury Milton keynes, Milton Keynes

Demo Day is an exciting event that marks the culmination of a project or program, where participants showcase their achievements and present their work to an audience. It is commonly associated with the tech industry, startup accelerators, and educational programs. The primary purpose of Demo Day is to demonstrate the progress, innovations, and outcomes of a specific initiative.

Monthly Mastermind 3: Post Bootcamp Plan


Our Monthly Mastermind is a collaborative and goal-oriented gathering where individuals with diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives come together to support each other's personal and professional development. This structured and recurring meeting is designed to foster a collective intelligence that propels participants toward their individual aspirations.

In a Monthly Mastermind, participants typically meet once a month to share their goals, challenges, and achievements. The group serves as a sounding board, providing valuable insights, feedback, and encouragement.

Session 11: Product Branding


In the dynamic world of business, product branding plays a pivotal role in driving sales and fostering customer loyalty.

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