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Dr Winifred Soribe

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Dr Winifred Soribe

Financial Analyst | Business Mentor



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Academic | Accountant (ACCA) | Consultant | Financial Analyst | Business Mentor | Radio Show Host| Fireside Chat Host|

Winifred Soribe is an entrepreneur at heart; one whose DNA can be said to encode genes for entrepreneurship. She started her first business at the age of 9, which coincided with her final year of elementary school. She cultivated the budding creativity in her and fashioned out story books using plain A4 sheets and fancy gel pens. She displayed an early knack for superior salesmanship by sticking candies on the cover page which were then sold to fellow students. Early tendencies at being organised were displayed by her and her team which comprised of she and three other friends with Winifred being the president of the group. Profits were evenly split at the month’s end and what could easily pass as an audit was also done. The business didn’t have any significant cost base as Winifred’s dad was all too happy to supply them with plain A4 paper and stationeries.

As she progressed on to High school, Winifred carried on with her unbending entrepreneurial zeal. At her new school, which was an all-girls catholic boarding school, she re-started her business in the 10th grade and continued right on to the 12th grade. She sold fancy jewelleries to fellow girls, and by the time she got into university she had fully mastered the art of buying and selling. Her parents had an undeniable influence on her as they both were business-oriented people and their acumen had undoubtedly rubbed off on her. Her dad had a huge farming business, and her mum owned a number of fashion boutiques.

Fast forward to this day; she has completed her PhD in Finance from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK, where she received a fully funded studentship. Her research focuses on how entrepreneurs can use their intellectual capital and social media to foster more collaboration, which in turn would aid them in raising finance.

Prior to undertaking her PhD, she completed the prestigious ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification with first time passes. She also obtained a master’s degree in Accounting and Business Finance from the University of Bedfordshire with a First Class / Summa Cum Laude after completing her bachelor’s degree in Economics with Second Class Upper / Magna Cum Laude.

She has worked within the Accounting and Finance industry in the UK and is keen to explore the concept of using robust financing options to stimulate more entrepreneurial activity and innovation, thereby improving the overall economic welfare.

Her spare time is spent volunteering as a mentor for entrepreneurs within Nasdaq Mentor Makers (US) , serving as head of research within 12 Ronnie’s Founders and Mentor (UK) and advising entrepreneurs with TERN (The entrepreneurs refugee network). She enjoys philosophy, bead making, reading, and cooking.

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