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FundHer Forward

In the vibrant tech ecosystem of Lagos, Nigeria, a groundbreaking initiative is paving the way for female entrepreneurs to thrive. FundHer Forward is a dynamic 7-week program tailored specifically for female techpreneurs, designed to equip them with the tools, resources, and networks needed to accelerate their ventures to new heights.

By empowering female techpreneurs, FundHer Forward not only drives innovation and economic growth but also contributes to a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem in Lagos and beyond.


Interested in joining our next cohort?

When female founders receive less than 3% of investment?

FundHer Forward is more than just a program; it’s a movement aimed at addressing the gender gap in the tech industry by providing targeted support and opportunities for women. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs, particularly in accessing funding and mentorship, this program offers a holistic approach to empowerment.

Throughout the 7 weeks, participants engage in a series of intensive workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking events led by industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including business strategy, fundraising, product development, marketing, and leadership.

What the Program provides you with

Process of investing

We'll detail the steps for conducting a fundraising round and the essential strategies specifically beneficial for female founders. Topics include: Crafting outreach emails to investors Securing warm introductions Conducting effective investor meetings Addressing preemptive concerns Generating momentum and competitive pressure Finalizing your fundraising round

Explore business in depth.

Every startup has its imperfections. We understand that there are areas where your business may have weaknesses or gaps. This is completely normal. We'll work closely with you to conduct a thorough examination, pinpointing those areas of improvement. Whether it's seeking advisory support to strengthen your team or gathering additional evidence of your progress, we're here to assist. We'll outline what investors typically seek and guide you in addressing those gaps, ensuring your business appears appealing to potential investors.

Individualized mentor assistance

Throughout the program, you'll have a dedicated mentor available for weekly personalized sessions. Your mentor serves as your guide, motivator, and collective intelligence. They'll collaborate with you on refining your pitch materials, fine-tuning your business plan, and addressing any queries you may have regarding the investment journey.

Presentation slides and narrative

Your pitch stands as the pivotal element of your fundraising arsenal. Crafting is an art, often challenging to master independently. We'll collaborate with you to develop a captivating presentation deck and script, accentuating the strongest aspects of your business and equipping you with strategies to navigate challenging inquiries.

Expert advice

We host group calls with experts (and provide resources) to support you in building a picture of your business in exactly the way investors want to see it. ​ Sample sessions include: 1. Financial Models & Valuations​ 2. The Investor View 3. Go-To-Market Strategy 4. Intellectual Property 5. Share Options

Demo Day

Upon program completion, you have the chance to take part in our Demo Day, presenting live to an audience of investors and ecosystem partners. To prepare you for this event, you'll engage in three pitch practice sessions alongside the entire cohort. During these sessions, program mentors and your peers will offer constructive feedback to enhance your pitch delivery.


Organisations helping us to make our female founders’ dream a reality

Our network of investors

Angel Investors

We have engaged angel investors spanning various sectors, offering both expertise and capital.


Leading equity and rewards crowdfunding platforms in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Engaged venture capital firms operating across the UK, Europe, and the US, investing from pre-seed to series B stages.

Programme Fees

Our fees are structured to reflect your success - as you succeed, so do we.

Comprehensive coverage: encompassing all accelerator content, expert sessions, personalized mentorship, networking introductions, and fundraising assistance.

We don't claim any equity ownership!

Your equity holds immense value, so it’s crucial to consider its allocation thoughtfully!

Our fees are divided into two stages:


£1000 ($1200) + VAT (applicable for UK registrations) Split payment: 50% deposit upfront, remaining 50% halfway through.

Split into two payments to ease cash flow strain during tight financial periods.


£15K for pre-revenue ventures,

£30K for revenue-generating businesses.

If you choose not to pursue fundraising, there are no obligations on your part. Likewise, if you haven't closed within 24 months, there are no financial commitments to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What stage Business can join ?

Your business needs to be at:


✅ pre-seed stage (where you have an MVP already launched / imminently launching / well fleshed out), or

✅ seed stage (where you have a product in market with some traction)


What if i have already started Fundraising before joining the programme ?

That’s perfectly okay! Many founders who join the accelerator have already begun fundraising, with some having raised between 20-50% of their target rounds. Even those who have previously raised funds or gained some traction in their current round have found the accelerator to be transformative!

How much does the programme cost?

Our fees are tied to your success! We are so confident in your ability to close successfully that we defer the majority of our fees until after you’ve raised funds.

Pre-Funding (during the accelerator):

  • $1200 (£1000) in two installments (50% deposit / 50% halfway) to help manage cash flow when funds are tight

Post-Funding (deferred until after you successfully close your round and secure funding):

  • Pre-Seed (first-time fundraisers): £14K ($17.6K)
  • Seed (previously raised funds, including Friends & Family, Angels, VCs, or CVCs): $34K (£27K)

Deferred fees are due within 14 days of closing. If you decide not to fundraise, or don’t close your raise within 24 months, you owe us nothing. We do not take equity!

Can I bring my co-founder to the programme ?

You are welcome to have your female or non-binary co-founder participate in the program (limited to one additional person per company). You will need to designate one of you as the primary team member in advance.

For mixed-gender co-founding teams, you are encouraged to share what you learn from the program with your team. However, we request that only the designated primary member attend the calls and mentoring sessions.

What happens if i don't want to fundraise?

If you decide not to fundraise after the accelerator, you won’t owe us the second part of the fee. The fee only applies if you fundraise within the next 24 months.

Can founders outside the UK apply ?

Absolutely! The virtual format of the accelerator allows you to join from anywhere in the world. We’ve had founders from Australia, the US, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East participate and successfully raise funds.

What is the Time Commitment for this programme

You’ll need to dedicate at least 5 hours per week for 7 weeks.

The program is designed to accommodate your business schedule. You can book calls with your mentor at mutually convenient times. Group calls are scheduled to suit participants in both the US and UK, and replays are available if you miss any sessions.

Many of our founders find that the 7 weeks go by quickly and often wish they could spend more time with us!

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